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World Cup 2010 – Uruguay and Korea play for a spot on the quarterfinals

by on Jun.25, 2010, under Previews, Soccer, Sports News

koreanfan4blogUruguay became the first World Cup Champion back in 1932 when they host the tournament and defeated Argentina 4-2 in the final game. The team then followed this success in the 1950 World Cup held in Brazil. The Uruguayans went on to defeat the Brazilians in the final game by a 2-1 after a dramatic goal by Alcides Ghiggia when there were only 11 minutes left to play. Had Brazil draw that game, they would have won the tournament. Ghiggia’s goal came before some 200,000 mostly  local spectators that had filled the Maracana stadium. The stunning defeat is known as the Maracanazo.

But since 1970 things have not been as smooth for Uruguay World Cup soccer teams. They have not made it pass the second round since, and have missed a couple of tournaments because the team has not been able to qualify. The 2010 Uruguay National soccer team on the other hand, might just be able to make up for all those forty years of disappointment. They now face South Korea on the South Africa 2010 World Cup second round. And they sure have what it takes to defeat the Asians.

After the catastrophic failure of the French team to do much anything in this World Cup, the Uruguayans managed to put on some great games against Mexico (1-0 win), South Africa (3-0 win) after their initial 0-0 draw against the French. This was enough to lead Group A after the first round.

Now, here is the trick. Uruguay is a clear favorite to win their game against South Korea in the World Cup betting Odds. As of press time Uruguay is at ML-115 while South Korea has a nice comeback at ML+300 and the Draw kicking in at ML+215. However the South Koreans might come in with an upset. Sure enough, Argentina smack them down to a 4-1 on their second game, but a 2-0 win against Greece and a dramatic and explosive 2-2 draw with Nigeria has placed them in the right spot.

There is one big issue concerning the South Korean defense. Are they going to have what it takes to keep such keen and prolific strikers as Diego Forlan and Luis Suarez under the radar? Coach Oscar Tabarez knows his team well, and might have the right combination up front and on the defense to slow down the speedy and fast-paced Asian team.

There is one extra motivation behind this game. However makes it to the quarterfinals will face either the United States or Ghana for the  quarterfinals. Is not that we don’t appreciate the talent and the great tour of force this two other teas have shown so far in the tournament. But it is as simple as this: you would rather have your team play either Ghana or Team USA then Brazil, Germany, England, Argentina or any of the other big names left in the tournament.

It’s going to be one heck of a game. That’s for sure. The Uruguayans are a clear favorite on the betting odds. But the South Koreans are going to give it their best try to prove they deserve to move on the next round.

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Betting on the South Africa World Cup 2010

by on May.19, 2010, under Previews, Soccer, Sports News

argbodypaint-4blogLet’s say you are not the biggest football soccer fan ever, but you must have heard already about the big event coming up in just a couple weeks. South Africa World Cup 2010 is a sports gambling major event. And has one of the industries finest betting offerings out there. Today we’ll talk about World Cup Props Odds.

For instance, let’s say you have already picked a couple favorites. You’ve done your homework and think that both Brazil and Spain might make it to the Final match.  Well, the good think here is that you don’t even have to make a final decision and choose a winner. is offering props for the teams to make it to the final. If those two teams make it to the final, you can wager on that specific prop with a ML+700. Let’s say you rather see Spain and Argentina take a go at the Final game. That prop pays ML+2000.

But that’s not all. You can wager on each individual winner for the round robin first round of the tournament.  For instance, as of press time, England is a ML-300 favorite to win Group C. Now, if you think Team USA could give a nice surprise, you can take them to win the same group at ML-450. The same goes for all the other groups.

The guys over at the Soccer Department even went the extra mile and set you up with a pretty cool Grand Salami bet for the World Cup. Expect the magic number to be around the 165 goals in the tournament. ML +400 is the key-point here, with payouts moving up to Ml+1400 if there are less then 140 goals in the tournament.

Now, they brought up another cool and it seems as an original prop bet. You can wager on the winning team’s jersey’s official sponsor. Adidas hits the ML-150 mark, while Nike comes at ML-EV and Umbro at ML +550 just to give you a few.

If you are looking for the golden boot… look no further. Spaniard David Villa is expected to be the tournaments highest scorer. Followed closely by Englishman Wayne Rooney at ML+1100 and the talented Argentine Lionel Messi at ML+1000.

The options are out there. Start feeling the love for The Beautiful Game and don’t miss on the action with No matter what your wagering needs, they’ve got you covered. Visit the World Cup page at and take part of all the action in the South Africa World Cup 2010.

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