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NCAA Football – Baylor Bears stun the Oklahoma Sooners

by on Nov.21, 2011, under Basketball, Sports News

Blame it on Robert Griffin III and the Baylor Bears, but so far it seems that we might end up with an all SEC National Championship game. He was the cornerstone of an 48-25 win over the Oklahoma Sooners this weekend.  The Oklahoma Sooners and it’s sister school, the Oklahoma State Cowboys were both making a strong case for the a spot into the BCS National Championship Bowl, but both Big 12 schools dropped their games this weekend, and now it seems as if it’ll be up to the perfect LSU Tigers, the 10-1 Alabama Crimson Tide to take a go at the most coveted game in College Football.

The Bears quarterback was unstoppable this weekend. Griffin completed 21 of 34 passes for 479 yards and four touchdowns, including a 34-yarder to Terrance Williams with 8 seconds left. He was also the rushing leader for the Baylor Bears with 18 carries for 72 yards. Griffin numbers were extraordinary, but so were some of the plays his team pulled off. There was one in particular that couldn’t had been better. Griffin made a powerful pass down the middle that first deflected off the hands, then the helmet of intended receiver Tevin Reese. The football went about 20 yards farther down field, and was grabbed out of the air near midfield by Kendall Wright, who sprinted to an 87-yard touchdown to make it 24-24 with over 6 minutes to play in the third quarter.

The Oklahoma Sooners had a great chance to get back in the fight for the National Championship last weekend, but now, once again and despite starting the season as the No. 1 ranked team in the Nation, the Sooners will have to settle for the Big 12 Championship and perhaps a spot in one of the BCS Bowls. It’s a little of a disappointment for Sooners fans across the Nation. For starters the Sooners had the National Championship game at stake before Saturdays game. It’s been quite a similar story all along for the Oklahoma. Great expectations once again turned into a season of underachievement.

By kickoff time, Bob Stoops and Co. knew that Oklahoma State had lost its perfect season after the Cowboys fell 37-31 to Iowa State on Friday Night. Many of us were expecting that the sister schools would play it all out on Saturday December the 3rd. Oklahoma State was a clear favorite over the then 5-4 Iowa State, but the Cyclones took advantage of their home field and sweep Oklahoma States chances at a National Championship. So that should had been a quite a spirit booster for the Sooners. Their conference rival and No. 2 Oklahoma State were down and just before kickoff, the Oregon Ducks had become a 2-loss team when the Ducks failed to pull off a comeback against USC. So right before the Sooners went out to the field, the whole scenario couldn’t have been any better: before them, they had the Baylor Bears, a team that had never managed to win a game against the Sooners and two of it’s rivals for the National Championship game had lost vital games. But then it all went south.


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