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NCAA Football – LSU defeats Towson but drops a spot in the NCAA rankings

by on Oct.01, 2012, under Football, Sports News

When it comes to college football’s elite, it takes more than just winning a game. If you want to play for the championship game not only do you need to go out there and win more games than anybody else, you must also look the part. Winning, in this scenario, is not the ultimate goal. Looking good while winning, now, that’s a whole new story. Don’t believe me, well, then look at what’s happening right now with the LSU Tigers. Sure enough they have won all of their five games so far this season, but week after week they keep on dropping spots down in the Polls. Why, well, because for what it’s worth, we hold the Tigers to the same standard as we do the Texas Longhonrs, the Oklahoma Sooners, the Alabama Crimson Tide, you get the idea, right. I mean, this is the elite of the elite in NCAA Football. And winning is not just what’s expected, is almost a mandate. Winning with style is essentially what’s required. That is at least until the NCAA Football as an organization figures out a way to have something similar to a playoffs system to declare a National Champion.

The Tigers quarterback, Zach Mettenberger, managed to connect with Odell Beckham Jr. five times for 128 yards and two touchdowns, and the quarterback finished 15 of 26 for 238 yards passing and no interceptions. That included a perfectly placed 53-yard scoring pass down the middle that gave the Tigers a 9-31 lead with little less than 15 minutes to play in the fourth quarter. Now, that sort of perfection is what head coach Les Miles has been hoping to see from his squad. The main thing here is that despite how badly they need to get their rhythm built, particularly considering how though the next few weeks are going to be, LSU has just not been able to live up to the expectations. They keep winning but the games just look ungracious at times.

“It was just sloppy play,” the starting quarterback for the tigers, Zach Mettenberger said. “We have been sloppy week in and week out. We have to clean it up. Right now we are not playing LSU football. I’m very disappointed in myself and the team right now.” One would have assumed that things were going to change this week. I mean for once, their 12-10 win over Auburn could had been taken as a warning call. The signs of imminent disaster were there. Even the fans kept on booing the team at times. But nothing really changed as LSU went out into the Tiger Stadium at Baton Rouge. Now, the changes need to come. Otherwise things are going to get really though for this squad. Firs they have to hit the road and face No. 11 Florida next weekend. They need to follow that with a visit from the No. 6 South Carolina squad. So trust me, its not going to get any easier for this team. And they know very well that winning is just not going to be enough.

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NCAA Football – Alabama defeats Ole Miss and takes No.1 spot in the rankings

by on Sep.30, 2012, under Football, Sports News

After taking a 33-14 win against the Ole Miss Rebels, the Crimson Tide is the unanimous No. 1 ranked team in the Associated Press College Football poll. Alabama received all 60 first-place votes for the first time this season. The LSU Tigers, on the other hand, dropped yet another point in the polls, as for the second time in a row, and despite holding on to a 5-0 record for the season, the Tigers had a sketchy performance against Towson. I mean, it wasn’t a bad performance at all, they still managed to win the game by 38-22 at home, but they fell a spot behind Oregon, and the newly ranked Florida State which moved past LSU to be the new No. 3 school in the nation.

Now, let’s go back and talk bit more about the Tide. At 5-0 overall and 2-0 in conference play, Alabama is living up to its expectations. This team is as prolific as it has ever been. As a matter of fact, this was the first time in the last 10 games that Nick Saban’s squad was down in the scoreboard. The Crimson Tide actually trailed down 7-6 at the beginning of the third quarter, when Jeff Scott completed a 1-yard run, and Bryson Rose completed the extra-point with his field goal attempt. For a moment there, the Rebels couldn’t believe their own eyes. They were ahead in the scoreboard. The happiness for the visiting team lasted only 15 seconds. Cristion Jones returned the ensuing kickoff return 99-yards to get the Tide back ahead 13-7. After that play, there was simply no hope left for the Rebels. Ole Miss would only score again in the third quarter thanks to Randall McKay’s 12-yard run, to make things 14-27. But there was nothing left to do for Mississippi, and Bama took a 33-14 win.

Jones return is certainly going to make it into this weekends highlight reel. It was a thing of beauty. It was Alabama’s first kick return for a TD since Trent Richardson did it against Duke on Sept. 18, 2010. “When they scored … I kind of wanted to change the atmosphere of the game, the flow of the game, and not make it so the offense had to drive down,” he said. “In my mind I was thinking, ‘Yeah, let’s go ahead and get one to the house, let’s change the atmosphere of the game.’” He succeeded.  Now, to be fair, we most say that the Crimson Tide’s defense was the one the held up the team together. Alabama’s three interceptions were vital to bail out an offense that wasn’t as smooth as usually. AJ McCarron the 6 feet 4 inches tall, 210lbs, quarterback guided Alabama with 22 of 30 passing for 180 yards and two touchdown passes. But the offensive end did look sloppy at moments.

“Couldn’t be more proud of the effort,” Ole Miss Rebels first-year coach Hugh Freeze said in the press conference after the game. “Real pleased with the effort and fight our kids showed. They laid it on the line. They represented Rebel nation and the university very well. Our special teams were atrocious. We turned the football over because of us being greedy. It’s hard to drive the football on the defense that they have.”

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NCAA Football – TCU will joint the Big 12 with 8-win streak

by on Dec.28, 2011, under Football, Sports News

After it is all said and done the Big 12 managed to survive what seemed like a deep crisis when the Oklahoma Sooners and the Texas Longhorns tried for a moment to leave the conference and seek refuge in the Pac-12. This would had been a very strong blow for the conference, that would had to desperately seek for other competitive teams during the conference realignment changes that had been going on in College Football across the nation. Luckily for them, not only did the Sooners and Longhorns decided to stay, they even managed to get the TCU Horned Frogs to fill in the hiatus left by the Texas A&M Aggies and Missouri Tigers when earlier this year it was announced that both squad were leaving for the SEC.

It really seems that on paper TCU could certainly give a good fight in the Big 12 conference. They are coming from the Mountain West Conference, and they are leaving the aforementioned conference as the champions, and are now 3-0 in the Poinsettia Bowl after pulling a intense come from behind win over Louisiana Tech, 31-24. This is actually the third time this season that the TCU Horned Frogs have managed to pull off a come-from-behind win in the fourth quarter. That is, including the brilliant game they won against the Boise State Bills, 35-36, on Nov. 12. Just to set the record straight, this has been the only game the Bills have lost this season.

Now, although TCU has been quite a brilliant team during the last few seasons, it is still uncertain how competitive they will actually be once they have to play in one of the nations toughest Division I Football Bowl Subdivisions in the nation. Ever since head coach Gary Patterson took over the program in 2001, the TCU Horned Frogs have been 10-0 against BCS conferences, but in that same period, TCU is 6-6 among the Big 12 schools. So it is certainly a very good thing for this young team that their leading quarterback, Casey Pachall has been on fire, linking the squad’s 8th consecutive win and building the momentum for when they officially kick off next season with the Big 12.

Pachall was 15 of 29 for 206 yards. He set school single-season records with 228 completions, 2,921 yards and a completion percentage of 66.5, breaking marks previously held by Andy Dalton. It really wasn’t the season they had expected over at TCU. Even thought they finished the year with a 12-2 record, they were really hoping to make it into yet another BCS Bowl. Last year, the Horned Frogs managed to beat Wisconsin on the Rose Bowl, and should they had managed to qualify for a BCS Bowl this year, they would have reached their 3rd consecutive postseason bowl.

The Western Athletic Champion, Louisiana Tech, couldn’t hold off the Frogs defense at the end of the game and that made all the difference. The Frogs snapped the Bulldogs 7-game winning streak just a few hours after Louisiana Tech coach, Sonny Dykes, signed a contract extension that links him to the Bulldogs until 2017. Stick around for more NCAA College Football Bowl Action at

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NCAA Football – Baylor Bears stun the Oklahoma Sooners

by on Nov.21, 2011, under Basketball, Sports News

Blame it on Robert Griffin III and the Baylor Bears, but so far it seems that we might end up with an all SEC National Championship game. He was the cornerstone of an 48-25 win over the Oklahoma Sooners this weekend.  The Oklahoma Sooners and it’s sister school, the Oklahoma State Cowboys were both making a strong case for the a spot into the BCS National Championship Bowl, but both Big 12 schools dropped their games this weekend, and now it seems as if it’ll be up to the perfect LSU Tigers, the 10-1 Alabama Crimson Tide to take a go at the most coveted game in College Football.

The Bears quarterback was unstoppable this weekend. Griffin completed 21 of 34 passes for 479 yards and four touchdowns, including a 34-yarder to Terrance Williams with 8 seconds left. He was also the rushing leader for the Baylor Bears with 18 carries for 72 yards. Griffin numbers were extraordinary, but so were some of the plays his team pulled off. There was one in particular that couldn’t had been better. Griffin made a powerful pass down the middle that first deflected off the hands, then the helmet of intended receiver Tevin Reese. The football went about 20 yards farther down field, and was grabbed out of the air near midfield by Kendall Wright, who sprinted to an 87-yard touchdown to make it 24-24 with over 6 minutes to play in the third quarter.

The Oklahoma Sooners had a great chance to get back in the fight for the National Championship last weekend, but now, once again and despite starting the season as the No. 1 ranked team in the Nation, the Sooners will have to settle for the Big 12 Championship and perhaps a spot in one of the BCS Bowls. It’s a little of a disappointment for Sooners fans across the Nation. For starters the Sooners had the National Championship game at stake before Saturdays game. It’s been quite a similar story all along for the Oklahoma. Great expectations once again turned into a season of underachievement.

By kickoff time, Bob Stoops and Co. knew that Oklahoma State had lost its perfect season after the Cowboys fell 37-31 to Iowa State on Friday Night. Many of us were expecting that the sister schools would play it all out on Saturday December the 3rd. Oklahoma State was a clear favorite over the then 5-4 Iowa State, but the Cyclones took advantage of their home field and sweep Oklahoma States chances at a National Championship. So that should had been a quite a spirit booster for the Sooners. Their conference rival and No. 2 Oklahoma State were down and just before kickoff, the Oregon Ducks had become a 2-loss team when the Ducks failed to pull off a comeback against USC. So right before the Sooners went out to the field, the whole scenario couldn’t have been any better: before them, they had the Baylor Bears, a team that had never managed to win a game against the Sooners and two of it’s rivals for the National Championship game had lost vital games. But then it all went south.


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