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NFL – Indianapolis Colts grab first win of the season against the Tennessee Titans

by on Dec.21, 2011, under Sports News

This was a bad weekend for streaks in general. On the one side, the Green Bay Packers snapped their 19-game-winning-streak when they fell unexpectedly to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. The same happened with the 13-game losing streak that the Indianapolis Colts had been recording ever since they franchise quarterback, Peyton Manning, underwent surgery in the preseason. The Indianapolis Colts have proved that, despite the popular belief, they can actually pull a win without Peyton Manning when they managed to defeat a lessened Tennessee Titans 13-27. So there you have it: it took the Indianapolis Colts only 14 games and three quarters to figure out a way to win with a quarterback other then Manning, who had been with the team for over 14 years.

Perhaps the most interesting side of the story lies behind the quarterback. Not Manning, that’s for sure. He’s been throwing passes to his teammates but we all know he isn’t coming back as a starter anytime soon. Not Matt Hasselbeck, who despite having a chance to secure the Titans a spot in the playoffs had an awful game against the up to then winless Colts. No, the good story lies behind one Dan Orlovski, a quarterback that was going to put the extra effort to secure that the Colts didn’t get their first ever 0-16 season. Orlovski was a starting quarterback for the infamous 0-16 Detroit Lions of 2008, so he certainly had much more at stake here then just soothing the Indianapolis Colts sore egos. He was pushing for a win for himself.

It’s been over 50 weeks, that is, 350 days since the last time the New England Patriots won a single game. But that wait is nothing compared to that of Orlovski. The seven-year NFL veteran was 0-9 in his previous NFL starts. So it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that when the celebration came in for the Colts, it was all about Orlovski and his quest to a win. On the press conference, Orlovski, who didn’t really had an amazing game, just good enough for a win, was quite humble in his opinions about the Colts first win of the season. “I think in my career, I’ve learned not to take them (wins) for granted.” Perhaps that’s exactly what the Indianapolis Colts management did: give all the Peyton Manning wins over his career for granted and not come up with a plan for when he was going to be out.

This is a very significant loss for the Tennessee Titans. At 7-7 for the season, the Titans could have managed to make it into the playoffs by their own merits if they had managed to win their three final games of the season. Even thought their playoffs chances are still alive, they are now going to depend on whether their rivals win or lose the next two games in order to clinch a playoffs berth. But there’s no one other than the Titans to blame for the loss. Consider for starters that Matt Hasselbeck completed only 27 of his 40 passes for the game for 223 yards with no touchdowns and two interceptions. That’s just not going to cut it. Not even against the Peyton Manning-less Indianapolis Colts.

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