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NFL – Eli Manning leads Giants for key win at Dallas

by on Dec.14, 2011, under Football, Sports News

The New York Giants desperately needed a win against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night. Sure enough, not only where they fighting for the leadership of the division, not only was this win necessary in order to keep their playoff chances alive, the bottom line was quite simple: the New York Giants needed to put an end to their four game skid that had cost them the two game advantage over the Cowboys, but that was also jeopardizing the season success. The Giants were a three-point underdog for this game, and for a moment there, it seemed as if they wouldn’t be able to even cover the spread, as the Dallas Cowboys had worked to get a clear 12-point lead late in the fourth quarter.

Then again, that’s when Eli Manning and the New York Giants strap on their boots and went into overdrive mode to pull a 37-34 come-from-behind win at Arlington, Texas. At 7-6 for the season, the Giants had to pull off a win in order to have realistic chances of making it into the postseason. And that’s when Manning brought in some of his personal magic to complete two-touchdown drives with 3:41 minutes to go in the last quarter. And then, the Giants relied also on a little luck and a lot of talent from Jason Pierre-Paul who managed to block a field goal to push the Giants past Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys.

It was a great game that is going to make things in the NFC East much more interesting as the race is now officially open for these two teams. The Giants had lost their games to Division leading teams, and to give them enough credit, we must say that they were tight games. But they were able to put a stop to it, but for the better part it seemed that with 27 of 47 passing and 400 yards with two touchdown passes and one interception, Eli Manning’s work wasn’t going to be enough to keep the Giants from facing another disappointing loss. The Giants were trailing 24-32 with 5:41 left in the game. And then the Dallas Cowboys came into their almost regular meltdown. The Dallas Cowboys has gone from winning four straight to losing two in a row. But it’s been a frustrating two games. This included missed kicks by rookie Dan Bailey, who’d been so good for so long this season.

This come from behind win, is not the first for the Eli Manning. He has actually managed to pull off 5 wins in the fourth quarter, coming into this season. Manning showed that he knows his stuff, when he mounted an eight-play, 80-yard drive capped by an 8-yard touchdown pass to Jake Ballard, to get the Giants back in the field. The Dallas’ cowboys managed to give the Giants a little break and actually help them out just a bit on this win. For starters, Dallas suffered when their usually reliable punter, Mat McBriar, had a 33-yarder, letting Manning take over at his 42 with 2:12 left. And that’s when it all went south for Dallas.

Romo finished the night with 21 of 31 passing for 321 yards for four touchdown-passes with no interceptions. It’s quite a shame that despite this good performance from Romo, they couldn’t make a win. Still, the race for the Division is open, and this two squads will face each other again in the Meadowlands on Christmas Day.

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