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NFL – Dallas Cowboys defeat the Washington Redskins

by on Sep.28, 2011, under Football, Sports News

Football, NFL football particularly, is a game of contact; it’s physical and painful at times. But the guys who played it, certainly do it not only for the money, but because of some sort of personal and almost masochist drive. They now that there are only 16 games in the regular season, that this is not only what they make for a living, but the reason thousands of fans in the stadium and millions at home stand behind, cheering for them. Last night, Tony Romo, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback showed his fans that he is one of those players that are willing to go the extra mile and play, even when undergoing serious pain.

He had a very rough night, and quite frankly, despite all his efforts, this was a very lousy game for Romo. He really never managed to make it into the Washington Redskins end zone. Not even when he had a first down in the 2-yard line. Sure, he had a bad game, but what really matters is that Romo and company managed to get the job done, taking an important 18-16 win at Arlington, Texas over the Washington Redskins.

Tony Romo played most of the game with a broken rib. The pain was so intense that he took a second pain killing injection in the end of the third quarter. Even though he was at pain, and he wasn’t really at his sharpest passing, the rest of the Cowboys made up for it and played very well. Dan Bailey kicked six field goals, including a go-ahead 40-yarder with 1:52 left. That really gave the Cowboys that little extra security they needed to close the fourth quarter with a win. It was all about the defense. Linebacker Anthony Spencer forced a fumble that teammate Sean Lee recovered with 28 seconds left. That was good enough to get the Cowboys a 2-point margin over the Redskins and improve their season to 2-1

There were some issues with the offensive playmaking of the Dallas Cowboys. Tony Romo certainly wasn’t happy with some of the plays that came from the new center Phil Costa. Romo didn’t get hit much in the first half. But after the halftime break, things got rough, and Costa wasn’t really helping the cause. Romo wasn’t happy with receiver Kevin Ogletree after an incompletion at the end of the drive that reached the 2; that failure forced Dallas to settle for its fifth field goal and a 16-15 deficit instead of a go-ahead touchdown.

Let’s be clear about this: it wasn’t a great game. It wasn’t even a good win, I mean, winning is winning, sure, but this one wasn’t pretty. But sure enough, when Sean Lee recovered the fumble with little less than 30 seconds to go, the Dallas Cowboys head coach, Jason Garret, was celebrating as if this was a straight on ticket to the Super Bowl. It might seem a little overrated, but I’m sure he had one tought in his head. It´s 2-1 for the season, these guys were working their way out of the 1-7 nightmare with which they kicked off last season. Now, it’s just a matter of time to see if the Cowboys can get healthy before their next Sunday when they host their 4th game of the season against the Detroit Lions.

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NCAA Football – Texas A&M is officially accepted in the SEC

by on Sep.28, 2011, under Football, Sports News

The Texas A&M Aggies made the best out of the mess that both the Texas Longhorns and the Oklahoma Sooners made in the Big 12 conference when both schools announced their intentions to join the Pac-12 and jeopardize the future of the whole Big 12 conference. It had been announced that the SEC would be glad to take the Aggies if the sister schools in the Big 12 promised not to seek legal action against either the school or the conference. Truth be said, schools such as Baylor and Kansas had allegedly said they would possibly find a way to sue the Aggies, but we have to consider that such information was leaked at a point at which the future of the Big 12 was seriously threatened.

It’s still uncertain whether Texas A&M will have to face legal action set upon other Big 12 schools as their departure breaks some previous contracts and could be accountable. What we can say for certain is that starting July of next year, the Texas A&M Aggies will be part of the SEC for all collegiate sports and that until the next season, the SEC has said that it is not considering on bringing aboard any other teams into it’s 13-team conference. The Aggies are the first newcomers since South Carolina and Arkansas joined the conference in 1992.

The SEC is well aware that scheduling a 13 team conference could be somewhat of a hassle, but they are also saying that they will not include a new member just to make things easier. The Aggies are currently negotiating with other teams in the Big 12, hoping that their final transition into the new conference is finished without too many legal issues. The SEC commissioner, Mike Silve, has said that the invitation to join is unconditional, it doesn’t really matters much whether Baylor seeks legal action against the Aggies or the conference; should that be the case, it would be handled in the right time.

Silve decided to take the risk and bring on Texas A&M after the Oklahoma Sooners announced that it would stay in the Big 12 and keep the conference numbers at nine. Truth be said, it wasn’t really much of a decision made by Oklahoma, but by the PAC-12. Considering the scenario that included negotiation that included not only Oklahoma and Texas but also Oklahoma State and Texas Tech, it became evident that too much was at stake. Considering that not only would they have to work around Texas’ TV rights and its unwillingness to take part on a revenue sharing system, the PAC-12 announced it would not expand. Therefore, Oklahoma came back to the Big 12 and pushed its previous commissioner out of his job.

The only one big concern left is the rivalries and how this will play out. Now that the Aggies’ move to the SEC is official, there is renewed concern about the future of their annual football game with Texas, now held on Thanksgiving night.


The teams first met in football in 1894 and the rivalry is one of the oldest and most spirited in college football. It’s a highlight of the season in the state and a tradition those in Texas and beyond would hate to lose.

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