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F1 – Betting on the Chinese Grand Prix 2010 in Shanghai

by on Apr.09, 2010, under Motor Sports, Previews, Sports News

f1china4blogMichael Schumacher has had a very rough beginning of the season. The F1 Chinese Grand Prix begins next weekend. Up to this point he has only collected nine points in his first three races of the season. First he was forced to make an extra pit stop to replace a broken front wing in the Australian Grand Prix. Despite the incident, the seven-time world champion, still managed to finish 10th. Then, he had to quite the Grand Prix of Malaysia prematurely because of a loose wheel nut on his Mercedes.

Schumacher was still able to finish sixth in Bahrain. It’s has not been a great start for the German. But perhaps we should really think of the high –very– high expectations that have been imposed on the racer. After all, he might have been (and some say he still is) the greatest F1 racer ever, but we cannot forget that Michael was out of the tracks for over 3 years. And that is long enough to build some rust on him. If we are able to put Schumacher’s season in the right perspective, we can understand why he recently stated that his return is going as planned.

But there is one other issue involved. No matter how you look at it, at the end of the day, Mercedes is not, by any means, as strong a racing team as Ferrari under Ross Brown and with Michael at the zenith of his career.  And that is one big obstacle that the team has to deal with. Mercedes’ engine and chassis are not as quick in the racetrack as Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren, so unless they can fine-tune their machine and really get competitive, it will not make much difference who is behind the steering wheel.

As of press time,’s handicappers have made Sebastian Vettel the favorite to win this race. He is ML +150 favorite in the odds to win the Chinese Grand Prix 2010. He is followed closely by Fernando Alonso at ML+400 and Mark Webber at ML+450 and Lewis Hamilton at +500. Michael Schumacher on the other hand is paying +2600, so if you are a long time fan of the Red Baron and have a tendency for underdog stories, at this odds Schumi might seem like a good choice.

There is one very cool new set of lines available for wagering on F1 Grand Prix events. BetIAS is one more time making great innovations in their lines, and is now offering F1 Exactas. If you have ever wagered on a racetrack, then you might find this interesting. Just like you would wager in the horsebook we are offering F1 racing exactas. Be it a Win and Place or a Win, Place, Show combinations, this is a chance to mix and match this racers and improve your winnings.

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PGA Golf- Wagering on the US Masters Second Round

by on Apr.09, 2010, under Golf, Previews, Sports News

augustanational4blog2010Tiger Woods is back. Perhaps his sex-life scandalous recent past is still following hunting him but it doesn’t seem to be affecting much of his golf. Sure, the Tiger had not played a tournament since he won in Australia, back in November. But you couldn’t see a sign of rust in his stroke from tee-off.

It was quite uncertain how the public was going to react once he made his first appearance in Augusta. It seems though as if the golf world enthusiasts from Georgia are quite forgiving because they greeted Woods without much regards of his off-court shenanigans. And he knew well how to repay their gratitude. For the first time, it seemed that Woods was listening to the crowds around him. He was more accessible to the public, if you will. What is more important here is that the Tiger had his best first round ever at the Augusta National in the U.S. Masters Golf Tournament.

He shot a 4-under 68, finishing 2 shots behind 50-year-old Fred Couples. He is tied for 7th place now. He played 31 putts and had a couple of close hits that kept him from having a cleaner performance. Woods hit 14 greens in regulation and had a great overall performance, but when it comes to wagering on golf, The Tiger still lost his match-up against KJ Choi.

Woods was a ML-190 favorite against KJ, and all though it was a very close match, Choi came ahead by one shot, and at ML+150 brought in some good winning for those who wagered on the underdog.

After the First Round, Fred Couples leads with 6-under par, followed by K.J. Choi, Tom Watson, Lee Westwood, and Phil Mickelson, all tied for 2nd. The golfers were destroying this course. There were 31 golfers finishing the first round under-par, 16 of them with scores in the 60’s. This alone seems like an omen for a luminous 2nd round. is offering some of the better payouts in the sportsbook industry when it comes to wagering on golf. They are offering a 20 cent progressive line for all their second round matchups. So keep an eye out for these key-matchups for the second round. Fred Couples is ML-140 against Sergio García. This is a matchup that Couples most win if he wants to keep leading the tournament after the second round.

The Tiger is ML -200 with a comeback of ML+165 for KJ Choi. So either on this round or the third if you missed the cut, take a look at the odds, the game statistics and take part of the action in the U.S. Masters playing at

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